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Uzbekistan, in the heart of Central Asia, is a real civilization crossroad. It has a diverse cultural and architectural heritage due to its rich history and strategic location. Uzbekistan is the country of historical and cultural tourism. Moreover, Uzbekistan is mostly desert though, there are big mountains such as the Pamir mountain range extended to Tajikistan and the Tian-Shan mountain range extended to Kirghizstan which creates opportunity for hiking and trekking.

“Zamin Travel Uzbekistan”, our travel agency, offers you to discover this unique region in the world where you can take trekking, hiking and cultural tours all together.



    Since summer 2005, when I discovered this disconcerting and attaching country with Isrofil and Murod, I came every year during spring with a group of friends or acquaintances.The persons in the groups were always delighted by the monuments but also by the welcoming and hospitality of the Uzbeks. Zamin Travel is a very professional agency and I highly recommend it.Uzbekistan is a country to be discovered.

  • Unforgettable trip

    Fascinating trip with not only beautiful monuments but also by the authentic, warm welcoming Uzbek families. Zamin is a small family agency that is very dynamic with highly motivated personal that are highly involved in the trips. Highly recommended.

  • Beautiful country and endearing people

    Thanks to Mourad for having told us about his country with humor and good humor. Unforgettable visits and superb walks. The Uzbek population is smiling and very welcoming.
    Thanks also to Rahim, our driver, for transporting us with safety and kindness. Unforgettable memories of this exceptional country.

    Excellent local agency.