Kyrgyzstan is a country conveniently located between the Uzbek deserts, the Kazakh steppe, Tajikistan, and western China. The area of ​​Kyrgyzstan is famous for the Tien Shan and Pamir mountain systems. Everyone who chooses their tour to Kyrgyzstan tries to include well-known peaks of the highest world such as Peak Pobeda (7439 m), Lenin Peak (7134 m) and Khan Tengri Peak (7010 m) in the program. These magnificent mountains have made Kyrgyzstan the land of glaciers, loud mountain rivers and lively streams, huge snow fields with alpine meadows and wonderful fertile valleys.

The capital of Kyrgyzstan is the city of Bishkek, which is not only an administrative, but also a cultural and educational center. The population of Bishkek is about 1 million people; The population of Kyrgyzstan is just over 6 million people.

Geography of Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan is one of the most mountainous countries in the world – about 92% of its territory lies at altitudes above 1000 m above sea level, and the average height is 2750 m. The country is like a “fork” of the two largest mountain systems, reaching its maximum height (Pobeda Peak, 7439 m) in the vast Tien-Shan mountain site in the eastern part of the country, bordering China and Kazakhstan.
Through the entire northern part of the country, in the latitudinal direction, stretches nearly 600 km chain of mountain ranges of Ala-Toos or Alataus that in Kyrgyz mean “colorful mountains” – Terskey-Ala-Too (4808 m), Kyungey-Ala-Too (4770 m), the Kirghiz ridge (Kyrgyz Alatau , 4855 m), Talas Alatau (4,251 m), Suusamyr-Too (3828 m), Karakolsky ridge (4273 m) and others. They form the northern mountainous frontier of the country, dividing the territory of Kyrgyzstan from the arid deserts and Moyynkum Saryesik-Atyrau. The southern part of the country form a powerful ridges Chon-Alai (Trance-Alay) mountain system, which is the second highest peak in Kyrgyzstan – Lenin Peak (7134 m), and the border with China back Kakshaal-Too.

The central part of Kyrgyzstan formed ridges and spurs of the grand mountains of Tien Shan (“Celestial Mountains”) – Jeti (4896 m), Moldo-Too (4099 m), At-Bashy (4786 m), Borkoldoy, Chatkal (4503 m) and Alai (5259 m) mountain ranges, stretching from west to east over 2400 km (continuing on the territory of China , Tajikistan and Uzbekistan ). Moreover, from the main axis of the Tien Shan to the north and south moves a lot of high ridges (Suusamyr-Too – 3828 m, Ferghana – 4692 m, etc.) and arrays (Ak-Shiyrak, etc.), forming a powerful mountain sites. Between the ridges are large tectonic depressions Susamyr, Srednenarynskoy, Turfan, Hamiyskoy, Ili, Chu, Toktogul and Talas basins, and Lake Issyk-Kul, Chater-Kul, Son-Kul, etc.

In the eastern part of Central Tien-Shan Mountains, within the vast mountain site, clearly expressed in two converging bands of mountain ridges, separated by a sequence of valleys and basins, elongated in the latitudinal direction. In the composition range Kakshaal-Too rises the highest point in the whole range – Peak Pobeda (7439 m). And nearby, in the ridge Tengri-Tag, is another seventhousander – Mount Khan-Tengri (Lord of Heaven “, 7010 m), considered a symbol and a business card of the Tien Shan. The lowest point of the country lies on the banks of the river Kara (Kara-Darya 132 m), thus differences in elevation in the territory of Kyrgyzstan reaches 7300 m.

Kyrgyzstan has a continental climate. The western and northern slopes of the mountains receive more precipitation. Precipitation increases with altitude up to 5000 m. At higher altitudes precipitation falls as snow, and even in summer frosts are possible. Average annual precipitation on the northern slopes of ca. 750 mm in the south-western slopes of the Fergana Range – 950 mm, and the north-east – 230 mm.
Average January temperatures range from -2 ° to -8 °C in the valleys and from -8 ° to -20 ° C in medium-altitude mountains. In high average January temperature – approx. -28 ° C. In many parts of Kyrgyzstan, except the high mountains in winter are often thaw. Summer is hot and dry, with average July temperature in the valleys of 20-27 ° C In the mid 15-17 ° C, while in the high 5 ° C and below.

Tourismus in Kyrgyzstan

If someone asks what does mark Kyrgyzstan out other destinations, we would mention 3 things:

Kyrgyzstan on the Great Silk Road
The Great Silk Road left some monuments and ruins of settlements that are interesting for tourists.

In 2015 4 monuments in Kyrgyzstan were acknowledged as UNESCO heritage. So now there is possibility to see and visit those Silk Road places that are noted in history books. High altitude passes and lakes, deep canyons with traditional nomadic houses named yurts, historical objects belongs to the legacy of the Silk Road and many more breathtaking things can give an unforgettable experience of all tours in Kyrgyzstan.

Usually people choose the tours that include route in several neighboring countries – Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, China etc.

Nomadic culture and the real nomads
There are only 2 countries in world that still have the real nomads – the nomads who follow the original nomadic way of life. These are Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. Coming to Kyrgyzstan people have the chance to see what the nomadic way of life is about. They can get acquainted with the local nomads at summer pastures and even feel the nomads themselves by spending a night in a real yurt.

Mountain systems of the Tian Shan and Pamir and active sports
The third reason is our beautiful mountains. Kyrgyzstan is mountainous country – 93% of the country is mountains. There are plenty of trekking and hiking routes both for beginners and professionals.  Active vacation is getting more and more popular. People don’t want just beach vacation. Thus for those who choose Kyrgyzstan tours we can offer great combination of active tours and cultural programs.

Yes, travel in Kyrgyzstan is ideal for those tourists who undertake a journey, first of all, to gain new knowledge of the history and culture of the nations and to get impressions from meeting new people.

We hope that you will choose Kyrgyzstan as your next destination and we will make sure to show you its all the beauty and diversity of this beautiful country.