Hazrati Daud Cave Tour (1 Day)


Samarkand is a city of holy places no more remarkable than the Hazrati Daud Cave. There are many stories about how this cave came to be, all with David from the Bible and the miracles that make this cave holy. Many pilgrims come to the cave with wishes to be granted and they climb the 1303 steps to the cave and touch David's hand and footprints so that their wishes will definitely come true. Hazrati Daud is only 40 km from Samarkand and is a window into the spiritual world of Uzbekistan. It is one of the best tours for a unique experience in Uzbekistan.

Samarkand- Oqsoy- Samarkand

Drive to Oqsoy Valley. Discovery of the valley, an important place of pilgrimage. The believers gather around the cave of Khazrati Dovud (David), where David would have sought refuge before fighting Goliath. Today we hike in the mountain settlement of Oqsoy, where the prophet David was buried in a cave on the rock, is a place of pilgrimage for locals from near and far. Quiet ascent by an easy and well-marked path that follows the valley. It is very pleasant. You will soon arrive at an apartment dominated by a series of rocks created by erosion. The path meanders between these beautiful formations and it is the Oktog pass (1850 m), then wonderful lawns, where the shepherds with their herds of goats and sheep settled for the beautiful season. Nice view of Sharshari-Pari (Waterfall of Angels) waterfall before picnic. Ascent to the pass through the paths of sheep and goats. From above is a very nice panorama of the mountain ranges. Descent into the valley. At first we go on the ridge, then further down the slope into the valley, before we will surely meet the men on their donkeys. Then it's back to Samarkand.

Walking time: 5-6 hours, altitude 1630 m, distance 14 km, ascent 600 m, descent 600 m

Services included:
  • ►Round trip / excursions and transfer in air-conditioned modern vehicles
  • ►English-speaking local tour guide throughout the trip
  • ►Entrance to the museums and monuments according to the program
  • ►Meals (1x Lunch and water)
  • ►Uzbekistan Tourist Map

Number of participants: 2- 12 people
From 2 people as a private tour on your desired date.

The prices are valid for 2021 and are based on 2 people, with reduced prices for larger groups on request.


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