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In the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan is a real crossroads of civilizations. Under Turkish, Mongolian, Arab and Russian influence, Uzbekistan today presents unique cultural and architectural treasures in the world. Essentially desert country, Uzbekistan is nevertheless bordered by the foothills of the Pamirs extending into Tajikistan and by the Tian-Shan chain extending to Kyrgyzstan, suitable for hiking and trekking. Zamin Travel Uzbekistan, our Uzbek travel agency, invites you to discover this unique region in the world, where trekking, hiking and cultural discovery blend together.

Discover the historical and cultural world heritage of the countries in Central Asia

From wide steppes to snowy mountains with turquoise lakes, from ancient cities along the Great Silk Road to impressive modern architecture, from nomad culture to Soviet heritage, there is a lot to discover in the countries of Central Asia! Let us seduce you into a strange and fascinating world!

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