Wandeling naar de Zarafshan Gebergte 3

Day 1
<h5><strong>Samarkand- Amonkutan. </strong></h5>

Drive to the village Amonkutan.

Hiking in the Zarafshan mountains. Overnight in tent.

Walking time: 5 hour, Highest Altitude 1878 m, Distance 12 km , Ascent 500 m, Descent 285 m

Day 2
<h5><strong>Amonkutan- Ayokchi </strong></h5>

Descent to the village Varganza.

Transfer to the village Ayokchi.

Walking time: 5 hour, Highest Altitude 1700 m, Distance 12 km, Ascent 110 m, Descent 800 m


Day 3
<h5><strong>Ayokchi- Shakhrisabz- Samarkand</strong></h5>
Walk to the head of the Zarafshan valley, drive to Shakhrisabz.

Visit. Transfer to Samarkand.

<strong>Walking time: 3-4 hour, </strong><strong>Highest Altitude 990 m,</strong> <strong>Distance 7 km , Ascent 190 m , Descent 190 m</strong>