Hiking trip to the Zarafshan mountain 1

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Price From: 170€

The hiking trip to Zarafshan Mountains is a unique opportunity to discover the part of the Pamir-Alay Mountains in 3 Days and to see the life of an ordinary Uzbek village with all its joys and difficulties. You will hike in a picturesque mountain area with fresh air, green orchards, singing birds and friendly people and explore life of locals. Overnight in the guesthouse.

Day 1
Samarkand- Oksoy- Tepakul.

In the morning you will drive early to the Oqsoy mountain village, where the Prophet David was buried in a cave on the rock. It is a place of pilgrimage for locals from the near and distant regions to make a beautiful hike. You have to leave very early … but the day of hiking will be nice! Calm climb through a simple and well-marked path that follows the valley. It is very pleasant. They soon arrive in an apartment dominated by a series of rocks created by erosion. The path meanders between these beautiful formations and it is the pass Octog (1800 m), then beautiful lawns, where the shepherds settled with their herds of goats and sheep for the beautiful season. Beautiful view of the waterfall Sharshari-Pari (waterfall of angels) before the picnic. Climb up the pass through the paths of sheep and goats. From the top is a very nice panorama of the mountain ranges. Go down to the valley. At first we go on the ridge, then continue on the slope down to the valley, before we will certainly meet the men on their donkeys. Then it goes on to Tepakul.

Walking time: 4-5 hour,  Highest Altitude 1530 m, Distance 11 km , Ascent 550 m , Descent 550 m

Day 2
Tepakul – Amonkutan

In the morning we make a hike in the vicinity of the settlement in the mountain. We walk slowly in the mountain valley and then climb the pass. If we reach pass, we continue on the ridge overlooking the Langar Pass (1850m) and see the broad plain of Samarkand with arable land and orchard. On the top of the plateau are the rock formations created by erosion. After the lawns we meet the shepherds with their goats and flocks of sheep. Slowly we descend into the valley, where we walk a small garden from the local. We drive to Amonkutan with a view of the village. Overnight in a homestay.

Walking time: 3-4 hour ( Option 5-6 hour),  Highest Altitude 1150 m , Distance 9 km , Ascent 320 m, Descent 320 m

Day 3
Amonkutan- Samarkand

We get up early and make our way to the Takhta Karatcha Pass (1680 m), from where we have a panoramic view of the snowy Ghissar mountain range. Picnic on the mountain neck. The second leg of the day continues with the descent into the Kizyl Tourouk valley. During the day, the meetings are numerous because the hills are very lively: horses, sheep and goats graze under the watchful eyes of the shepherds; Fields where fruits and vegetables are grown. Arrival in a village where our driver is waiting for us. Immediate transfer to Samarkand (50 km).

Walking time: 5-6 hour,  Highest Altitude 1650 m, Distance 12 km , Ascent 200 m , Descent  700 m

Services and price

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  • Transport during the itinerary according to the program
  • Local English speaking tour guide and mountain guide
  • Full board meals
  • Accommodation in the hotel / guesthouse / tent according to the program
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