Caravan cities on the Great Silk Road

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Price From: 1,400€

The states of Khorezmshakhs, the Timurid Empire, the Bukhara Emirate, the Khiva Khanate … these are just a few names from the glorious past of this country. Majestic ruins of fortresses, unique architectural complexes – paradise for archaeologists and people interested in history, ancient traditions and customs. On this tour you will learn about the monuments of the early Middle Ages – the fortress of Ayaz-Kala and Toprak-Kala, as well as the unique museum created by Igor Savitskiy in Nukus, in a city in northwestern Uzbekistan.

Itinerary: Tashkent, Fergana, Tashkent, Nukus, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent
The best time for the trip: March to November