Bukhara- Cupola of the faith

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Bukhara is a city of poetry and fairy tales. Bukhara – one of few cities in the world that had been continuously developing on the same place since the V century BC. In 1993, UNESCO took the historical part of Bukhara into the lists of the cities of World Heritage of humanity. The preserved architectural heritage of Bukhara is a rare combination of monuments of different epochs, which characterize the development of architecture for over twenty-five centuries. Bukhara, which was an important religious center and Muslim intellectual in the reign of the Samanids, in the 10th century. The Mongols destroyed it, later restored by Tamerlane. Comprehensive tour of the city, one of the oldest cities of Central Asia. Its long architectural evolution, Samanid, Seljuk, Timurid and Sheybanide left us this sea of turquoise domes, slender minarets of, of madrasas, mausoleums and mosques with imposing facades of ceramic declining all shades of blue.


You meet with your guide and driver in the hotel and visit: Samanids mausoleum, the burial place of the Samanids (9th–10th cc.) is a masterpiece of Central Asian; Chashma-Ayub shrine (XIV-XVI cc.) known as a curative source; Bolo-Khauz mosque including mosque (XVIII c.), minaret (1914-17) and basin; Lyabi-Haus Complex: Nodir-Divan-beghi madrassah (XVII c.), Kukeldash madrassah (XVI c.), Khonako (XVII c.); Magoki-Attari mosque (XII c., XVI c.); visiting trading domes: Tok-i-Zargaron (1570) – Jeweler’s bazaar, Tok-i-Tilpak Furushon – Cap Maker’s market, Tok-i-Sarrafon – Moneychanger’s market;  Ulugbek’s madrassah (XV c.) and Abdulaziz-khan madrassah (XVII c.); Poi-Kalyan Ensemble consisting of Miri-Arab madrassah (XVI c.), Kalyan minaret (XII c.) & Djuma mosque (XV c.).

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