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Uzbekistan is a safe country, which provides an important means of guaranteeing its security, especially with regard to Islamism. The feeling of security is real and the tourists go around in a relaxed way in the country. For combined trips Uzbekistan / Tajikistan, we cross the border at the height of the city of Bekobod in open countryside, the passage of which is completely secured.

The food is good, varied and plentiful. Meals consist of fresh vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.), meats (sheep, chicken, grilled meat, etc.) and dairy products. Very fragrant, the diet is spicy. Drink: mineral water can be bought in towns and villages. During our stays, a bottle of water (0.5 l) per person per meal is included in the price. The water from the sources is to be treated with purifying pellets. Tea is served at meals but coffee is very scarce and hard to find. – In guest houses, meals are prepared by the owners. – In the villages crossed during the transfers, we will eat at the restaurant. – During the treks and in the mountains: the meals are prepared by a cook and his aids, based on local products. A complement of energy foods (dried fruit, biscuits …) is also provided.

You can choose to take with you cash to change or withdraw in dispenser. In this case, only dollars will be given to you. The local currency is the sum (UZS) whose indicative price is 1 € = 5 000 UZS approximately . Euros and dollars are accepted everywhere.

No, no vaccine is mandatory but we recommend that you be up to date on diphtheria-tetanus-polio, pertussis, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B. No malaria but mosquitoes, so provide protection Mosquito bites (repellent, loose and covering clothes).

The current is 220 V and the sockets are to European standards, so no need for adapters. It is nevertheless necessary to provide sufficient autonomy or several battery for the cameras during the treks because it is not possible to recharge en route.

Unless we speak fluently Uzbek, spoken by 65% ​​of the population, the common language of communication is Russian. Merchants can speak a few words of English and French but do not expect long conversations! The easiest way is to ask your guide to do the interpreter to avoid confusion.

Ceramics, teapots, embroidery, scarves, carved wooden objects and paintings are the main souvenirs you can bring back. In the bazaar you can also find tea much cheaper than in Europe as well as dried fruits and nuts of all kinds. The carpets come mainly from Turkmenistan. Warning if you buy an old souvenir, its status as “antiquity” can be source of confiscation by the customs when you embark. It is also common practice to bargain in Central Asia, with decreases of 20 to 30%.

Tips are part of the culture of the country with regard to guides and the team that accompanies you (driver, muleteers …). It is traditional to build a prize pool at the end of the trip to the different members. This gesture of thanksgiving, which varies according to the itinerary and duration, and to which everyone participates according to his or her satisfaction, is always appreciated. As an indication: 20 to 30 euros per participant per week.

In Uzbekistan, the toasting ceremony is very widespread and you will be invited. In guest houses, it is not uncommon to see the master or mistress of the house carrying a toast. In addition, it is sometimes possible to be invited to a ceremony, especially by making photos of a wedding. It is then fashionable to party with your hosts. During these ceremonies, women and men are separated. Each guest has a toast (vodka), accompanied by a long speech. If you have the opportunity to participate, you will be required to make a long speech in French, which your guide will translate into Russian. It is often difficult to leave these ceremonies. We advise you to thank your hosts very warmly, to empty your glass then to leave. Know that it is delicate for a man to refuse a drink offered but the fact of soaking at least the lips will look good.

+ 3 h in summer and + 4 h in winter.

The best period is from mid-March to June and September-October. Spring and autumn are the most favorable periods: the sky is clear and the light is extraordinary (cool temperatures in the evening but pleasant during the day). In the summer, dry heat is rather tolerable (temperatures 30 to 35 ° C). With a continental climate, the winters are very cold: only semi-desert low-lying areas are still suitable for travel.

— Uzbekistan :
A passport valid for six months after the date of your return;
Visa to obtain before your departure, information on the site of the embassy of Uzbekistan.

— Tajikistan :
If arrival in Dushanbe, the visa is obtained at the airport with documents that we will give you. If arrival in Tashkent and entry by land, visa is to obtain before your departure with the embassy of Tajikistan.

— Kirghizistan :

Visa obtained on site.

— Turkmenistan :
Visa is obtained on the spot thanks to a letter of invitation that we will send you.
You will need to send us a scan of the first four pages of your passport, which is essential for issuing tickets for domestic flights, purchase of train tickets or administrative documents for combined stays.

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